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We Are A Debt Relief Agency. We Help People File For Bankruptcy Relief Under The Bankruptcy Code.


What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
How Do I File For Bankruptcy?
When Should I Speak To A Lawyer About Filing For Bankruptcy?
How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Lawyer To File A Bankruptcy?
Is The First Meeting With The Lawyer A Free Consultation?
How Long Is The First Meeting With The Bankruptcy Lawyer?
Can I Have A Free Consultation Over The Telephone?
Is There A Minimum Retainer Fee Required To Hire The Lawyer?
Can I Make Payments Towards My Legal Balance?
Does The Bankruptcy Court Charge A Fee To File For Bankruptcy?
What Information Will I Need To Provide In Order To File?
Can I Get A Fresh Financial Start When I File Bankruptcy?
What Kind Of Debt Can Be Eliminated In A Bankruptcy Filing?
Am I Required To Complete A Credit Counseling Session Before Filing?
Will I Be Required To Provide Proof Of Income Before Filing?
Will I Be Required To Provide Copies Of My Tax Returns Before Filing?
Will I Be Required To Provide A Valuation For My Vehicle Before Filing?
Will I Be Required To Provide A Tax Assessment Showing The Fair Market Value Of My House Before Filing?
Are There Income Limits That Could Disqualify Me From Filing Chapter 7?
When Will My Bankruptcy Protection Go Into Effect After Filing My Case?
Why Do I Need To Know My Case Number And Date Of Filing?
Will I Be Provided With A Copy Of The Filed Bankruptcy Petition?
How Long After Filing Will The Bankruptcy Hearing Be Scheduled?
How Long Is A Typical Chapter 13 Repayment Plan?
Am I Required To Pay Back 100% Of My Debt In Chapter 13?
If My Financial Situation Changes, Can I Amend My Chapter 13 Repayment Plan?
Can Student Loans Be Discharged In A Bankruptcy Filing?
Can I Keep My House And My Car When I File For Bankruptcy?
What Is The Bankruptcy Automatic Stay?
Can Filing For Bankruptcy Stop A Foreclosure?
Can Filing For Bankruptcy Stop A Vehicle Repossession?
Can Filing For Bankruptcy Stop An Income Execution?
Can A Bankruptcy Filing Unfreeze My Bank Account?
What Should I Do If I Am Served With A Legal Summons & Complaint?
Can A Bankruptcy Filing Stop A Legal Action?
Can A Bankruptcy Filing Remove A Judgment Lien On My Property?
What Happens After I Receive A Letter From The Sheriff About A Wage Garnishment?
Can A Bankruptcy Filing Stop A Utility Service Shut-Off?
Can A Bankruptcy Filing Stop Creditor Harassment Such As Repeated Telephone Calls?
How Long Will A Bankruptcy Filing Appear On My Credit Report?
Should I Obtain Recent Copies Of My Credit Reports From Experian, Equifax & Trans Union?
Can A Bankruptcy Filing Improve My Credit Score?
If I Am Self-Employed, Do I Need To Discontinue My d/b/a Certificate Before Filing?
Can I File Without My Spouse If I Am Married?
Are Certain Assets Exempt From Seizure In A Bankruptcy Filing?
Can Non-Exempt Assets Be Seized By The Bankruptcy Trustee?
Can I Keep My Tax Refunds After Filing For Bankruptcy?
How Much Of My Tax Refunds Will The Chapter 13 Trustee Allow Me To Keep?
How Much Will I Be Required To Repay My Creditors In A Chapter 13 Filing?
Can A Second Or Third Mortgage Be Eliminated During A Chapter 13 Filing?
What Types Of Debt Are Not Dischargeable In A Bankruptcy Filing?
Will I Be Required To Close My Bank Account Before Filing?
Where Is The Bankruptcy Court Located In Syracuse?
Where Do I Go For My Bankruptcy Hearing?
Who Is The Bankruptcy Trustee And What Are Their Duties?
What Questions Will The Trustee Ask Me At The Meeting Of Creditors?
Will Creditors Be Present At The Section 341 Hearing?
Can My Case Be Dismissed If I Don’t Disclose My Financial Situation Accurately?
Can I File Again If I Have Already Filed Bankruptcy In The Past?
Will My Name Appear In The Newspaper After I File Bankruptcy?
When Will I Receive My Bankruptcy Discharge Paperwork After The Hearing?
Am I Required To Complete A Second Credit Counseling Session In Order To Get My Discharge?

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