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Should I Cooperate With A Police Investigation?
When Can I Be Placed Under Arrest?
When Can I Make A Telephone Call From The Police Station?
How Long Can I Be Kept In Custody?
If I Cannot Afford To Hire A Lawyer, Will I Be Given A Public Defender?
When Can I Invoke My Right To Counsel If I Am Being Questioned?
What If The Police Presented Me With An Arrest Warrant?
Can I Remain Silent When I Am Being Questioned?
What Am I Required To Do If I Am Put On Pre-Trial Release?
What If I Was Not Read My Miranda Warnings Before An Interrogation?
When Do The Police Need A Warrant To Perform A Search?
When Do The Police Have Probable Cause To Conduct A Search?
What If The Police Performed An Illegal Search And Seizure?
What Happens At The First Hearing Or Arraignment?
Can The Judge Require Me To Post Bail Before I Get Released?
What If I Am Charged With A Misdemeanor Or A Felony?
What Is A Grand Jury Indictment?
What Does It Mean If The District Attorney Announces Readiness For Trial?
When Can My Lawyer File A Motion To Suppress Evidence?
What Is The “Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree” Doctrine?
Can My Lawyer Negotiate A Reduction Of My Charges Or Plea Bargain With The District Attorney’s Office?
What Is A Pre-Trial Conference?
What Is A Right To A Speedy Trial?
When Should I Reject A Plea Offer And Take My Case To Trial?
Should I Request A Jury Trial Or A Bench Trial?
What If I Want To Call Witnesses At The Trial?
What Are The Risks Associated With Taking A Case To Trial?
What Evidence Will Be Used Against Me At Trial?
Am I Required To Testify At My Trial?
Can My Lawyer Cross-Examine People That Are Called To Testify At My Trial?
Is My Lawyer Allowed To Exclude Certain Jurors From My Trial?
How Long Is A Jury Allowed To Deliberate?
What If The Jury’s Ruling Is Not Unanimous?
What Happens If I Am Acquitted After A Trial?
What Happens If I Am Convicted After A Trial?
If I Am Sentenced To Probation, How Long Is A Typical Probationary Term?
What Am I Required To Do If I Am Put On Probation?
If I Am Sentenced To Jail, Do I Get Credit For Time Served?
What If I Am Given Parole Supervision After Being Released From Custody?
What Happens If I Violate The Conditions Of My Probation Or Parole?
Is There A Time Limit For Filing An Appeal?

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